Monday, August 26, 2013

What Patriotic Sunday Looks Like

Dear friends and readers of Letter of Liberty:

Do you want to know what "Patriotic Sunday" looks like? Let me just say it is an overly congratulatory idolatry of the military and soldiers. It is allegedly defending our soldiers for "defending our freedoms" when really they are not.

Laurence Vance, a great Christian libertarian columnist and one of my favorite writers, says that this "is why I write, and write, and write. This is why I will never stop writing about Christianity and war and Christianity and the military. This is why I recently published War, Christianity, and the State: Essays on the Follies of Christian Militarism. This is why I sometimes sound like a broken record."

Just watch this idiotic congratulation of soldiers who fought in unjust wars such as the Iraq War, which can easily be refuted by some simple arguments. Apparently the folks who posted this video didn't want to hear any hard arguments against the anti-war view, as is shown by the disabling of comments.

To cure this militaristic sickness in the church, i would recommend that many Christians read,,,, and many others that I have listed in my links and resources page.

And for the case for libertarianism and noninterventionism from a Christian perspective, I would recommend the writings of Laurence M. Vance, particularly his books. And see his archive at LRC and the Future of Freedom Foundation (FFF), where he serves as a policy adviser.

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