Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Letter of Liberty News Edition (3-25-2014)

Here is the Tuesday News Edition of Letter of Liberty.

Ron Paul argues that U. S. government funding of democracy is actually hurting democracy.

Phil Girardi explains the bipartisan delusion of foreign policy idiocy.

Michael Rozeff: Who was more aggressive? Putin on Crimea or Bush I on Panama?

Ryan McMaken gives a libertarian analysis of the recent Venetian secession.

Robert Wenzel exposes Koch-funded attacks on Ron Paul.

Left-secessionist Kirkpatrick Sale explains the permanent warfare mindset.

William Grigg reflects on the sufferings of compliant Mark Byrge.

M. D. Creekmore: How to prepare your home before a bug-out.

Chris Hedges explains the moral courage of Edward Snowden.

Joseph Mercola celebrates the new wave of butter consumption.

Tom Woods and Robert Murphy discuss climate change and slavery.

Robert Murphy shows how government wrecks the economy.

Richard Ebeling looks further on the issue of individualism and nationalism with respect to the Ukranian/Russian situation.

Robert Wenzel comments on the libertarian rift over Ukraine,

Wendy McElroy explains the profound libertarianism of the Baptist minister Roger Williams.

Scott Horton interviews Sheldon Richman and discusses imperialism.

Alice Slater gives her tips for a new 21st century foreign policy for America.

Ian McDougall explains the right to silence thy cellphone.

Hillary Matfess: Sanctioning Russia will only make things worse.

Norman Pollack exposes American government hypocrisy regarding Russia

Logan Albright exposes the unemployment mirage.

JIm Bovard explains Egypt's new Waco-esque model of justice.

Mexico's drug war is affecting American cities as well, argues the editorial board of the Montgomery County Courier.

Conor Friedersdorf exposes some very brutal details the CIA doesn't want you to know.

Russia Today looks back at NATO's "humanitarian" invasion of Yugoslavia.

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