Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Does Pop Culture Really Ruin Your Brain?

Here is an interview done by the Mises Institute with adjunct scholar Paul Cantor, who defends popular culture from a libertarian perspective while discussing his new book The Invisible Hand in Popular Culture.

I recommend it for his insightful comments, even though I myself don't watch a lot of the shows he mentions (like The X-Flies).

I loved this insightful statement from Cantor: "Many people who condemn pop culture and dismiss it as artistically worthless dwell on the fact that films and television shows are almost never the products of a single artist working on his own. It is therefore important to show that many of the great works of high culture grew out of a collaborative process too. There is nothing about cooperation in artistic creation that precludes high quality. Too many cooks may spoil the broth, but they may also each add a distinctive flavor and work together to bring the recipe to perfection. The processes of synergy and feedback work in popular culture just the way they do in other areas of human endeavor."

My perspective is that while there may be un-Christian elements in many of the television shows today (as our society is tainted with anti-Christian, non-Christian ideas), there is hidden within these shows and movies wonderful messages that resonate with us today and forever.

Read the rest of the interview. Enjoy.

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