Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Happy Birthday, Ron Paul!

Happy Birthday Ron Paul!!!

Thank you, Ron, for standing up for your views, even when others mocked you.

Thank you, Ron, for having the guts to stand up to Giuliani and the Republican establishment even when it seemed unlikely.

Thank you for being the anti-politician.

Thank you for using the means you were given to spread the message of liberty, Austrian economics, noninterventionism, and much more.

Thank you for having the courage to hold to your views, even when you were attacked by the left-liberal and neoconservative media.

Thank you for galvanizing the liberty movement to action.

Thank you for saving it from the divisions it faced during the Bush administration and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Thank you for bringing back the libertarian ideas of ages past back to light. Thank you for introducing the Mises Institute and the works of Ludwig von Mises and Murray Rothbard, two of the 20th century's greatest libertarian minds, to those who might have never heard about it were it not for you.

As Tom Woods said on his Facebook, "Thank you for caring about justice and truth, and not caring what the Washington Post or Sean Hannity think of you."

Thank you for not missing the corrupt political scene you once were in.

Thank you for using your post-Congressional life and putting it to good use. God has blessed you with speaking opportunities, interviews, and the resources to pull of your curriculum and your channel, even though you couldn't get to own RonPaul.com, due to that controversy between you and your grassroots supporters.

Even when I might disagree with you on certain issues, I will still support you, as you have proven yourself to us fans as a principled, courageous libertarian.

You may not have gotten to sit in Air Force One, but you won the hearts and minds of thousands (and maybe even in the millions) during your revolution.

I haven't got to your books yet, but eventually I will do so. However, from what I have read from you, it is a rich experience of reading.

You are most definitely not the Messiah, but you are a man of honor.

Thank you, Ron Paul. You are a true American hero. You are, in the words of Murray Rothbard, "an unusual politician because he doesn't simply pay lip service to moral principles."

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