Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Letter of Liberty News Edition (8-20-2013)

Here is Tuesday's news edition for Letter of Liberty. I will add more articles throughout the day as I read.

PolicyMic gives 78 reasons for every American to wish Ron Paul a happy birthday.

Christian libertarian columnist and antiwar writer Laurence Vance gives us some tips on what he would do as pastor. 

Paul Cantor's interview with the Mises Institute for today's Mises Daily on his new book The Invisible Hand in Popular Culture, movies and TV, libertarianism and the technocratic elite.

Fred Reed on why parlor warhawks just don't get it.

Jeffrey Tucker on the empire in panic. It's ultimately all part of the saga that is known as "the empire strikes back." (The term taken from the title of the classic sci-fi epic movie Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back)

Will Grigg on why our country is a communist country.

On this week's Mondays with Murray, Marc Clair explores what Rothbard's view was on who qualified as a libertarian, and who doesn't.

Lions of Liberty's Marc Clair gives us Part 1 of what apparently appears to be an exploration of the issue of the Ron Paul Channel and on intellectual property. Clair defends intellectual property from an anarcho-capitalist libertarian perspective, though there are anarchists who oppose intellectual property, such as Stephan Kinsella, famous for his controversial monograph Against Intellectual Property. Others such as Robert Wenzel and Paul Cwik support intellectual property, holding that it is compatible with libertarian politics. I haven't decided my views on the issue, though there is indeed room for debate on this issue in libertarian circles.

Paul Craig Roberts on growing up in America. He had the experience of fast and elegant cars, which the now fascist America is coming to hate. He shows how government regulations are taking away from the beauty of the cars of yesteryear and how there might be never anything like the Jaguar E-Type again. It is also a poetic symbol of the optimism that permeated America of the 1950s, before the Kennedy assassination and the period of chaos and war that we are in now.

John Whitehead on the abyss from which there is no return.

Walter Williams to white liberals: stop patronizing blacks.

Sheldon Richman says: "Delete the Fed"

Jacob Hornberger on Chile's gun-control lessons for America, and how it relates to America's national-security state.

Paul Rosenberg on the new era of surveillance. He gives several articles as proof of this surveillance. I especially liked his question on whether Jesus would approve of this.

Joseph Diedrich on the "flaws" of capitalism. It turns out that the so-called flaws of capitalism are really just things that people hate about it.

Tom Mullen on why libertarians are not shills for big business. While I disagree with Mullen's assertion that corporations are creations of the state (I consider them to be voluntary, free-market organizations), I do agree with him that big business does have the tendency to be statist (usually). And I do agree with him that ultimately libertarians are pro-market rather than pro-business.

Apparently libertarian Catholic historian, economist and scholar Thomas E. Woods (one of my favorite writers) is going to have a new podcast, starting September 16. When it does come, please subscribe to it, which I will be doing.

Daniel Dignan at the Ron Paul Curriculum website on the video game nation.

Gary North on how nagging equals training children to fail.

Glenn Jacobs (also known as the wrestler "Kane") on the FDA's war on compounding pharmacies.

"Kane" on compromising principles.

Ron Paul on why the 2,700 NSA violations are ultimately no big deal in comparison to the gigantic surveillance state.

The Guardian's editorial on how David Miranda's detention was a betrayal of trust and principle.

Glenn Greenwald on how Miranda's detention was a failed attempt at intimidation.

Is liberty a dangerous, esoteric idea as Chris Christie claimed? No, says Kane.

Alan Rushbridger on David Miranda, schedule 7 and the danger reporters now face.

Tom Woods says Happy Birthday to Ron Paul.

Tom Tomorrow's comic on the NSA's coming clean.

Guantanamo Bay through the eyes of an artist.

Conor Friedersdorf shows us the corrosiveness of the surveillance state in the case of Pamela Jones.

Catholic writer Andrew J. Bacevich on whether Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden are patriots.

A war on the border is coming, warns Todd Miller at the New York Times op-ed section.

Eric Peters gives some politically incorrect tips for teenage drivers when they get a car.

Justin Raimondo on how the enemies of liberty are going after Glenn Greenwald.

It seems that two Colorado counties will debate over whether to secede (via EPJ).

Robert Wenzel gives us something to keep in mind when the new Fed chairman is named.

It seems that Rand Paul isn't very sympathetic to Bradley Manning or Edward Snowden, says Robert Wenzel.

James Altucher's ultimate cheat sheet on starting a business (don't worry, there is nothing criminal in here).

Mac Slavo on the new Common Core standards for math: 4 x 3 = 11!

It seems that there is a special beer that you can enjoy freely without any hangover, reports the Daily Mail.

Scott Lazarowitz on freedom of speech and its connection with the Sandy Hook investigations.

Brian McWilliams, co-founder of Lions of Liberty, explores why Rand Paul may be hurting the cause of liberty more than helping it.

Jeff Tucker on the thin line between service and the threat of force.

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