Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Onion's Brilliant Satire of Nationalism

The Onion has given us a fine satire of nationalism, written by Curtis Stalbank, on how he will give his life not only for his country but other countries also.

Says Stalbank:

As a true patriot, I would gladly die in battle defending my homeland. I love my country more than my own life. But I would also be more than willing to give my last breath in the name of, say, Mexico, Panama, Japan, or the Czech Republic. The most honorable thing a man can do is lay down his life for his country. Or another country. The important thing is that it's a country.
Like those heroes who spilled their blood  fighting for independence against the British Empire, I, too, would forfeit everything to win for my countrymen the right to be governed by politicians in our own capital instead of in a capital located further away. Nothing is more profound or more sacred than to die for one's country, an adjacent country, or some other, foreign country.

Read the rest of the funny satire here. Enjoy.

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